Beginning its first radio broadcast in 1938, today Radio Tirana is a complex organization providing diverse programs for 2 channels of domestic service (respectively 19 and 5 hours daily) and a third section covering international broadcasting in short and medium waves (2 services in Albanian and 7 services in foreign languages). There are also, several local radios.

Radio Tirana and Albanian Television together constitute RTSH, which is a public broadcasting organization. It is the only national broadcasting company in the country, besides several local and regional private run radio and TV stations which started recently.

RTSH provides a full range of radio and TV programs such as news, cultural, scientific, economical, environment, agricultural, music, entertainment, drama and children programs.

Since the 15 November 1993, RTSH broadcasts two hours on the satellite covering all of Europe including the northern part of the Mediterranean. This program operates from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm (CET) and is aimed at all the Albanian communities living in Kosovo, Macedonia, Monte Negro and Cameria (Northern Greece), as well as Albanians living in Europe.

35 % of the funding of RTSH comes from commercial advertising and fees (half a US$ per year for each household). The Government finances the remaining part through the Parliament. There is a small complimentary financing by sponsorship.

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